"Great event with great people & tons of great ideas!”

Chris Jefferson – Richmond, VA

“Life changing event and people! Best thing that could happen to me this year”

Alisha Durbin – Huntsville, AL

“I have been investing in rentals quite a while and I expected a room full of newbies and I was surprised at the number of amazing investors in attendance. I walked away with at least 10 separate Million Dollar ideas.”

Alex Lugovoy – Richmond, VA

“I did deals during this event that more than paid for my expenses to attend. “

Rich Lennon – Midlothian, VA

“Best real estate event of 2019! I will be back next year!”

Fuquan Bilal – Clifton, NJ

“This was an amazing event! Everyone needs to come next year”

Nancy Laab – Dallas, TX

“I have been looking forward to this event for a long time and each night I realize it was way better then I even hoped!

Zack Broaddus – Richmond, VA

“I got a ton of value from this event! There is a lot of relational capital in this network!”

Robert Haggerty – Richmond, VA

“Finding ways to make winning deals was a huge take away! Win - Win - Win!”

Robert Kelly – Richmond, VA

“Like drinking from a fire hose for 3 days with other great investors!”

Paul White – Glen Allen, VA