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Mary’s Magic

I hope you enjoyed the video and you can see the ripple effect of thinking big. When you think big and carry confidence, others will see that in you.

There’s a ripple effect that goes beyond you and comes back like a boomerang. People will want to work with you, bring you deals or just in general, give you what you’re looking for.

Mary goes on with other lessons in this talk. She provides other great tools to help you get out of your own way. Like, how to stop making excuses, how to embrace fear instead of ignoring it, even hacks you can use to instantly build the confidence you need for your business.

At the foundation of Mary’s talk is the power of creative thinking and visualization as it is applied to all aspects of your life-your deals, your business tactics and most importantly, yourself.

Once you start thinking creatively about the person you can be, you will empower yourself beyond words!

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