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Our Cliff Jumper, Deidrea Hammond!

Our Cliff Jumper, Deidrea Hammond!

I hope you enjoyed Deidrea’s story! This is a new email series for me. It was really important that I kick it off with proof of what’s possible for the newer investor.

This is the group of people I love serving most-the rookies and the newbies. I think I love it so much because there is a tremendous learning curve that happens in the beginning. And the rewards of those first few deals are HUGE!

A big mindset shift happened for Deidrea while sitting in her chair at Deal Maker. It was during Mary Hart’s presentation “The Magic of Thinking Big.” This moved me to share it with all of you. So in my next email, I will be sharing a clip of that.

I want to continue providing you with the valuable lessons that have worked for others. So stay tuned for that in my next email!

For now, if you were inspired by this story and want to experience a life changing trajectory, click below!

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