Tree Houses, Container Homes & Tiny Homes Unique for airbnb with Mike Hicks & Lisa Englehart

The unique airbnb spaces command the highest price because they are incredibly unique. In todays show we talk with Mike Hicks and Lisa Englehart about building unique spaces for airbnb including container homes, tree houses and tiny homes.

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Buying Houses Subject To With Michael Jake

This is a great discussion on buying houses subject to with Michael Jake and Jim Ingersoll. It is a great way to build a rental portfolio and there are creative ways to get your self-directed Roth IRA involved with some nice returns.

Michael Jake is an elite deal maker who will also be speaking at Deal Maker 2022

Extended Stay Landlord Model – Elite Deal Makers Al Williamson & Jim Ingersoll

Al Williamson is an elite deal maker who has innovated some creative niches for landlords in the extended stay space. What do travel nurses want when renting? How can you position your rentals to increase cash flow by $1,000/month? This discussion will help you see the benefits of renting to travel nurses and extended stays. The demand is high and inventory is low making this a nice niche for landlords!

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How To Build Your Lasting Legacy The Right Way With Mary Hart

The term legacy is thrown around a lot in real estate wealth building sessions but it is so much wider and deeper than just a financial focus. It includes all things important to you including your values, purpose and living a life of significance.

Be ready to take notes on this Elite Deal Makers Conversation as we focus on building your legacy.

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How To Scale Your airbnb Business With Alisha Merriman and Jim Ingersoll

Growing and scaling your airbnb business can be a challenge. You have to acquire more properties, manage the booking sites, manage guests, cleaners and provide amazing hospitality to achieve 5 star reviews.

In this discussion with Jim Ingersoll and Alisha Merriman we provide you with a lot of resources to help you scale your business.

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Own Your Freedom With Dr David Phelps

This is a really great discussion between David Phelps and Jim Ingersoll on what freedom really is, why it matters, how it relates to your legacy and so much more! The discussion on how Dan Kennedy co-wrote this book is another great takeaway.

There are tons of golden nuggets on real estate investing, strategies before tactics, creating your network with the power of association & wonderful gems like wealth is not what you own but what you do.

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