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Held at the Four Points
by Sheraton Richmond

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We will have an event room block set up for your convenience. Special Deal Maker Live Rate is $127/Night!

I realized several years ago that the magic of success comes from having a great network that can help me succeed. I figured out that being in the right room with the right people would help me build the right network. For me I attended many events in Florida with Jack Miller, Peter Fortunato and John Schaub. When I first began attending, my heart told me to go, but my wallet would argue with me! Looking back I am thankful I decided to invest in my own success! It is where I began to create friends and my original network with people like David Phelps and Quincy Long. Over time my network expanded to many others who have become friends including Mary Hart, Wendy Sweet, and many others.  The magic of the network is why I started hosting my own live events 11 years ago!

I have seen the impact made as real estate entrepreneurs build their networks, learn to create deals, lasting cash flow and long term equity.

I have had the pleasure of watching beginning investors do their first deals and other investors quickly go to the next level when the “light bulb comes on!”

For each “Live Event” we are incredibly humbled with very high Caliber attendees who are operate in a harmonious method to help one another succeed.  This is not event where egos invade our room and self limiting beliefs are allowed to harbor.  This event is a room full of entrepreneurs and investors focused on their mission and growing their investments and businesses.

When hundreds of like minded real estate entrepreneurs all show up at our events we see the biggest Impacts made on the lives of our attendees.

I am honored every year at the number of phenomenal speakers who attend and speak. We have The best of the best and they love giving and helping others.

I look forward to seeing you in person at our Deal maker!!!

We sell out every year so I strongly encourage you register to secure your seat today. The prices will go up throughout the year so right now is the best price available for you to commit to your own success path.

I look forward to hosting this event that will help you say…

“I am a Deal Maker!”


P.S You will learn a ton about

Creating Notes, Buying Notes and Selling Notes

Creating the life you want

Private lending

Wholesaling and Flipping

Build your rental portfolio

Creating your legacy

Tax free investing strategies

Passive investing models

Buying assets that create lifetime cash flow and equity

Finding off market deals

Wealth building strategies

Building your network

Your Network = Your Net Worth!

Intellectual Capital + Relational Capital = Deal Maker Success

Intellectual Capital

You will spend 2.5 very content filled days with speakers that will provide so much training you will feel like you are drinking out of the fire hose. At the end of each session you will be provided with actionable items that you can begin using to implement a.s.a.p.

You will learn to create deals, create cash flow and create lasting wealth and just as important you will see what your next steps are so you can take action right away.

Relational Capital

You may have heard “your network = your net worth.” Jim Rohn was right when he said you will become like the 5 people you are spending the most time with. You will be spending 3 full days with other attendees who have the same challenges you do, similar goals and great mindset for success. The speakers will inspire you to Take the necessary action to hit and exceed your goals and your network can become your relational capital and part of your very own financial friends network.

"Great event with great people & tons of great ideas!”

Chris Jefferson – Richmond, VA

“Life changing event and people! Best thing that could happen to me this year”

Alisha Durbin – Huntsville, AL

“I have been investing in rentals quite a while and I expected a room full of newbies and I was surprised at the number of amazing investors in attendance. I walked away with at least 10 separate Million Dollar ideas.”

Alex Lugovoy – Richmond, VA

“I did deals during this event that more than paid for my expenses to attend. “

Rich Lennon – Midlothian, VA

“I want to thank Jim for putting on another fabulous event! I'm blown away time after time. I cannot wait until next time”

Seth Bauer

“This was an amazing event! Everyone needs to come next year”

Nancy Laab – Dallas, TX

“I have been looking forward to this event for a long time and each night I realize it was way better then I even hoped!

Zack Broaddus – Richmond, VA

“I got a ton of value from this event! There is a lot of relational capital in this network!”

Robert Haggerty – Richmond, VA

“Finding ways to make winning deals was a huge take away! Win - Win - Win!”

Robert Kelly – Richmond, VA

“Like drinking from a fire hose for 3 days with other great investors!”

Paul White – Glen Allen, VA

Deal Maker Count Down








March 5, 6 and 7, 2024

Four Points by Sheraton Richmond
9901 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, Virginia, USA